Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So, now back to buisness....

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I've been super busy painting, designing, imagining, planning and relaxing. My Genestealers are pretty much 95% done, and my termi's are about 75%. I found out my cheap digital camera dosen't take pictures worth a hoot, so I'm borrowing a co-workers and will be taking some shots here during lunch. I'll finally be able to show off my so called work!
I've also submitted another Wednesday Space Hulk game for Gencon. It's still in the submittal stage, so more to come on that. I figured if they don't I'll still run it, there should be enough people wandering around to check it out.
My current plans are a dual level game. It'll be my first try, but if my plans come to fruition it should be very cool. I'm going to forego using shaft rules and make both levels completely seperate from each other, connected by lifts. I'll need to start thinking about AP's to use it, how many it will hold, stealer entry point around the lift (I wan't the players to relly have to struggle to get up, squad being divided up in transit)

My first test of creating my own floor tiles came out pretty good. Only 2 issues I ran into was..
1) Scanner in copy mode reduced the copies size just about 1/32". Ya relly have to look to see the difference.
2) The notches needed to be worked on for a bit before they worked. Wish I had a big O' press to cut them out with.

More to come latter, and pics also!!

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