Saturday, August 29, 2009

Very Cool

New storage trays just for Space Hulk


Well, I did preorder my copy of Space Hulk the day it was announced. Long story short, it's here in Indianapolis at the Fedex location, but won't get here till Monday. Dang, that would have been my whole weekend! *sigh*

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Space Hulk 3rd Edition!!!

My thoughts on 3rd Edition Space Hulk

- Awesome models. Not too sure about the non-standard bases, if one was to call them that. I like that they are using new models, both on the Space Marine and Genestealer side.
- New tiles. And they even look like they will work with the old tiles. A boon for me since I've never picked up multiple sets.
- Entry point markers. Great idea, but I'll most likely replace mine with Litko ones.


- No 3D terrain. I know it would have made the set at least twice as much, but I was still hoping. I'm working on my own set. More info on those to come!
- 1st edition Flamer rules. Common guys, make up your mind. I'll be using 2nd edition rules for this.
- Sand timer? Too small to see across a table, and I have my own digital one in the works.

Overall I am excited, just over the attention & intrest the new release will create. The BBG boards are lit up like a xmas tree!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OMG! This stuff is insane!

I'll tell ya one thing...If you need to strip paint from miniatures, this stuff is the sh*t!

Dropped in some used Chaos Termi's, and 24 hours later....Walaa!! I found this at Home Depot for under $3.00

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well, another year has come to pass, but all I can say is I HAD A BLAST! Was able to get into Troy and John's Gencon session, and actually completed the mission!!

Yes, my camera still sucks! One day!

Update: BTW, I think the 2 cases I had this con of minis falling off thier bases had alot to do with me leaving them in the truck during the hot day...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gencon Terminator Squads

Gencon Scenario Rules

Marine Rescue!


Marine Player:

Find and rescue the captured space marines. A marine must be in the square in front of the cryo tubes

and spend 4 AP to deactivate it.

Genestealer Player:

Prevent the marines from reaching and activating the control panel.


Special Rules:

Flamers: Using 2nd edition flamer rules with the exception that all flamer counters are removed

at the end of the stealer turn. A square may only be flamed a maximum of 2 times. If the stealer

survives two shots it survives.

There is considerable activity detected above and below this deck.

Command Points:

Each squad gets d3 Command Points. The Captains, Librarian or Chaplain of each squad provides +2

Bonus CP.


Using "Deathwing" force weapon rules. The Librarian starts with 40 psi points.

Genestealer Rules

The scenario is configured so that with two Genestealer players the board is split in half and each

Stealer player plays against two of the Marine players.

Genestealers Setup:

Start with eight blips deployed on the map (4 for each half). They are placed in the rooms at least 6 squares

from the marine deployment .

3 re-enforcement blips per turn (alternating 2/1 for each player) until turn 15 , then 2 per turn after (1 for

each player). Hybrid genestealers will start to emerge at 1 per round after round 12.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gencon Scenario

Operation Objectives: Rescue marooned scout squad & recover Geneseed. Emergency conditions required said squad to land on newely discovered Hulk. Hulk designated Omega 12.

Force Employed: 4 squads from the 1st Company, Terra Knights Chapter

Squad Demius: Captain Aseret Hillborn

Squad Helios: Captain Sirhc Snikra

Squad Litko: Chief Librarian Jesif Allcome

Squad Mikon: Chaplain Kiser Sosee