Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tile System

Hey, wanna check out a cool program if you like to create your own maps? Check out Tile System! It comes with tiles for Doom, but can easily be used for Space Hulk. As soon as I find a easy way to do it, I'll share the tiles I've had a try at.

I like this....Thought I'd share

Sunday, July 26, 2009

2 weeks.....!!!!

Good lord, how time flies when yer planning fun! The games at Gamerz have been going great, and Josh, Travis, Joe and Chris managed to score the first big win for the Terminators! Well done lads! Running a 4 person game can be a bit of work, to say the least. I think I may be scraping a 2 level game for this year. My try at making something stable completely flopped, so that may have to wait till I can come up with something. The mission seems to be on-cue for about 3 hours, need to spread it out to at least 30-60 more minutes.

Today, finishing up some bitz made hybrids from a couple of genestealers I found w/o arms. Used a bolter and claw combo on one, a bolter and hand on the other.

Friday, July 17, 2009

And the Dance continues...

Sorry for no recent posts, the 30 day mark hit for Gencon, and I'm running amok with last minute thing's. The sessions at Gamerz have been a hoot, with the Genestealers dominating all the missions. I play tested my mission for GC, and with a bit of tweaking I will have it 95% complete. Now my big issue is with my 2nd level. I created a board and was using heavy mailing tubes for legs. Unfortunately it's a bit unstable, so I may have to use a heavier/more solid setup. I still have a few miniatures that need a bit of sprusing up, but I did manage to make a couple of cryotubes holding captive marines that came out a bit better than I tought it would. Pictures to come soon!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Inconjunction 2009

Well, sorry for no updates from last week. I'll see what I have in regards to a report for July 2nd at Gamerz. We did play 2 missions, Suicide and Break Thru. The Genestealers won both sessions, with Josh doing a great job against my relentless hordes!

My saturday session at Inconjunction almost didn't happen. Note: Scifi & Fantasy conventions ARE NOT like Gencon. After waiting around for a hour to see if anyone would show any intrest, I decided to head to the dealers area and check it out. Apon my return to the gaming area, someone from the Battletech game that was in the same room as me, said a few people had said they would love to play! I found the 2 gentlemen and I threw together a quick map (I had forgotten my 'Book' at home, ouch) and we got to buisness. Well, I underestimated there wiliness, they were able to complete the mission with 2 marines alive! Well done!

Now I'm busying myself trying out a few painting techniques I've read up on. One being 'Dipping', the other a noxious rust concoction that looks relly nice. Unfortunately my camera isn't even acting right taking anything closeup. I have to get a decent camera soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My name in lights...

Submitted a question to 'The Painting Corps' couple of weeks ago and guess what...My question got picked!! It's about highlighting, something I'm trying to get a handle on. 6 posts so far, and some great info. Check it out.
My 2 games were accepted to Inconjunction, so I'm gearing up for that. Troy sent me a .jpg of the map he used for last years Gencon session, but having a bit of issues trying to get it printed out, even on a E sized plotter. The actual image is 100" long, so the driver software is having issues trying to get it all. I'll figure something out.