Monday, July 6, 2009

Inconjunction 2009

Well, sorry for no updates from last week. I'll see what I have in regards to a report for July 2nd at Gamerz. We did play 2 missions, Suicide and Break Thru. The Genestealers won both sessions, with Josh doing a great job against my relentless hordes!

My saturday session at Inconjunction almost didn't happen. Note: Scifi & Fantasy conventions ARE NOT like Gencon. After waiting around for a hour to see if anyone would show any intrest, I decided to head to the dealers area and check it out. Apon my return to the gaming area, someone from the Battletech game that was in the same room as me, said a few people had said they would love to play! I found the 2 gentlemen and I threw together a quick map (I had forgotten my 'Book' at home, ouch) and we got to buisness. Well, I underestimated there wiliness, they were able to complete the mission with 2 marines alive! Well done!

Now I'm busying myself trying out a few painting techniques I've read up on. One being 'Dipping', the other a noxious rust concoction that looks relly nice. Unfortunately my camera isn't even acting right taking anything closeup. I have to get a decent camera soon!

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