Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh Yah!!!!

Yup, showed up yesterday! All I can say is wow! The tile graphics are beautiful, and the models...Some of the best I've ever seen. Take note: When de-spruing your terminators, look for the small round tabs. They are numbered so you won't get the pieces mixed up. I didn't realize it till I had already done 2 termi's, and had to keep looking at the pictures to sort out what parts wen't with what. Some of the models have tiny parts, so be careful when cutting them off the sprues. Just wish they had done the same with the genestealer models.
I do like that they included misc. models (C.A.T., dead space marine in a throne, Chalice. Nice additions to my ever growing terrain pieces. The manual is top notch, but I wish there was a bit more 'flavor'. Maybe a short story, but I guess that's because of the SH novel.
The doors are relly nice, varied graphics, and some pretty awesome stands. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with the 40 Litko doors I purchased right before Gencon.
I've read the rulebook, and after giving it another once over I'll post my thought's.

Officiall Waffle Rating: 10/10

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