Saturday, January 16, 2010

Running Code Name Overhead v 1.1

Another Thursday night running a Space Hulk mission at the Gamerz store. Since the last time we played we ran the first part of this campaign, 'Code Name Blue Screen', we decided to give the mission a shot. 2 players running Space Marines (Blood Angels & Space Wolves) and 2 other's running the Genestealers. The mission was a definite change from the first part, that was strongly favoring the Space Marines (Long hallways for the Stealers to traverse). This mission was cool from the random events that were rolled for after the 6th turn. The dice roles brought a Librarian, Flamer and Broodlord onto the board, which made thing's quite interesting, to say the least. In the end the Stealers were victorious! Also, you can see some 'warpage' on some of the tiles which I am trying to fix with little luck.
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