Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Space Hulk 3rd Edition!!!

My thoughts on 3rd Edition Space Hulk

- Awesome models. Not too sure about the non-standard bases, if one was to call them that. I like that they are using new models, both on the Space Marine and Genestealer side.
- New tiles. And they even look like they will work with the old tiles. A boon for me since I've never picked up multiple sets.
- Entry point markers. Great idea, but I'll most likely replace mine with Litko ones.


- No 3D terrain. I know it would have made the set at least twice as much, but I was still hoping. I'm working on my own set. More info on those to come!
- 1st edition Flamer rules. Common guys, make up your mind. I'll be using 2nd edition rules for this.
- Sand timer? Too small to see across a table, and I have my own digital one in the works.

Overall I am excited, just over the attention & intrest the new release will create. The BBG boards are lit up like a xmas tree!

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