Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mission: Paranoia

Last Thursday night was our first playtest of one of many Gotthammer missions we've been lucky to get ahold of!

After a quick setup of the gameboard, we proceeded to battle!!

The Terra Knight's arrayed and proceed into the Hulk, ready to sacrifice themselves getting to the lower level, and slaying the Magus there!  It's presence caused the Marine player to possibly re-roll their CP draw, which made for a interesting game change.

The marines proceed to make their way thru the first level, with only the lose of one marine.

After reaching the 2nd level, the marines are lulled into a sense of ease as they see the entrance to the 3rd level, and their objective, directly in front of them....But enemies close from all sides, making their progress slow to say the least.

Progress is slow, and 3 more marines fall to the claws of the genestealers!  The sole survivor, the squads Sargent, makes a final run to leave the deathtrap that is the 2nd level...

The Sarg makes a desperate run to his objective, taunting him, but a minion takes him out in a final attack.  The marines made a heroic attempt, but the objective was denied.  

A very enjoyable mission.  All the players commented on it's enjoyability and compact design, taking a little over a hour to run.  A def. thumbs up to Gotthammer on a well designed mission, and we look forward to another of his missions this coming Thursday!


  1. Glad everyone had a good game, and hope the rest run as smoothly!

  2. Nice pictures of Mtn Dew bottles! :)


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