Thursday, February 11, 2010

Soul Drinkers Terminator Squad Commision

Here's the squad of Soul Drinkers I've painted up for a friend of mine.  It's also a demonstration of my super awesome craft skills with my homemade photo box If you think that's bad, you should have seen the first one!)

I took a bit of artistic license on the color scheme, but I think they didn't come out  too bad.  I would have de-angeled them, but I figured what the heck.


  1. I like the colours - blue and yellow has long been a favourite of mine - and the Librarian's robes turned out very nicely.

    Maybe try putting the light source lower or angle it down more? It looks like the focus of it is falling behind the minis giving the shadowed look.

  2. Ya, the lighting rig is pretty crappy to say the least. I need to do some more research on maybe a better way to put one together. Crappy camera doesn't help much either.


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